LouD Speka


LouD Speka is a grassroots spoken word artist who enjoys playing around with alternative beats n experimenting with sounds. She draws on diverse inspiration from Trip Hop to Folk to Intelligent Drum N Bass.

Her conscious spoken word pieces are concerning issues she’s passionate about which include, global justice in world trade (trade justice), peace (ending the UK Support and Promotion of the arms trade) and climate change.

She also touches on the philosophical and meditative with vague comedy stretching to the totally down right su-real.

Meandering between sweet and sour, ironic and serious. LouD Speka performs in around London, UK as well as at festivals.

You can experience more of LouD Speka’s work at her MySpace and YouTube pages








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For bookings you can also contact lou3speak@googlemail.com and spacegirl001@hotmail.co.uk

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